People We've Helped

Client L

Lauren mental training techniques were a game-changer for me. I learned to channel my energy productively instead of being self destructive thanks to her guidance.

Client S

A big thank you to Lauren for helping me rediscover my confidence on the court. Her expertise and encouragement were pivotal in my sports performance.

Client A

My child hated feeling different in school and with friends. Lauren not only understood them but taught them to embrace their uniqueness in a wonderful way.

Client J

I struggled to make sense of my emotions until I started sessions. Her guidance and support helped me navigate my feelings and find clarity.

Client E

Lauren made me feel truly seen and understood during our sessions. Her empathy and attentiveness made all the difference in my healing journey.

Jocelyne & Monique Lamoureaux

Team USA, Olympic Gold & Silver Medalists

Whether it’s on ice and or off ice training the mental component of the game is bigger than the physical at times. I believe in sport and in life there are always obstacles, extrinsic and intrinsic. The biggest and most important mental skill I think a person can have is the ability to rebound from mistakes, criticisms and doubt with the confidence that you have the ability to get the job done and to improve yourself every step of the way.

Kate Kowalchuk

NCAA and CIS Goltender

After meeting Barb she changed my life, helping me to reach deeper and find out how to be the person and player I wanted to be even with my set backs with post-concussion & outside obstacles. I am forever grateful for the ongoing support and help I was lucky enough to receive from my coach and mentor Barb Egan.

Client M

The work I have done with Barb has changed my life. With her help I learned that I was not only worthy but, capable of helping myself. Walking with her has been one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had.” – Client M.

Stephanie Schaupmeyer

Captain, UBC Thunderbirds

In my 5 years with the UBC Thunderbirds, the discourse surrounding mental health as a high performance athlete has changed so much. I have learned that being mentally tough on the ice is inextricably linked with being mentally well in the other areas of your life. I learned that this idea of a strong, mentally unbreakable athlete just isn’t possible. We all need support at times, and it’s ok to ask for it. When I started actively working on my mental wellbeing just like I actively worked on my hockey skills is when I began to really feel mentally tough in other areas of my life.

Client K

Highly recommend Barb! Very easy to speak with and effective at helping you understand how you can take action to to bring about positive life changes and to move past areas in life where you may feel a little ‘stuck’ “

Client C

At first, I was skeptical of Online Counselling. However, I love the flexibility for my family and schedule. I’ve created a spot in my home, with my tea, and look forward to this time that I may not otherwise be able to fit in. It has made such a difference in my life and for my family’s life!

Client T

I love this option for my schedule with my sport. It can be difficult to balance school, work, practice, training, games, travel, and a social life. I am able to have my sessions in the evenings. I can also check in before big game weekends so that I feel confident and in the right headspace to perform.