Issues you may be having

  • Who believes improving your physical strength & health will make you a better athlete? Most of us. 
  • How many of us do that? Again, most of us.
  • How do you do that? You probably work with a trusted strength and conditioning coach, stick to a workout program, watch what you eat, and get enough rest. 
  • Who believes improving your mental strength & mental health will make you a better athlete? Most of us.
  • How many of us do that? 
  • How do you do that?

How we can help

The last two questions are often left unanswered, because we don’t know how. Just as we work with a strength coach to get stronger and faster to improve our performance as an athlete, it can help to work with a mental coach to improve your game and overall health.  Especially someone who has been there as an athlete and coach, who has personally benefited from these sports psychology strategies, and is a mental health professional specializing in working with athletes. 

As a player and coach, I saw that athletes believed in the importance of improving their mental health and that improving their mental game could help them perform better in their sport. However, athletes did not know exactly how to do this, thus they were still lacking in performance, confidence, consistency, and enjoyment of their sport. That is why I am passionate about using my personal and professional experience to help you implement practical and powerful strategies to perform better in your sport and enhance your overall wellbeing in your life. 

Mental Strength, Mental Skills, and Mental Health, are just as important
as Physical Strength, Skills, and Health!

The reason? To be the best you as a hockey player and person. These sports psychology strategies can translate out of your sport into other arenas of your life, long after the season is over. For example, who wouldn’t want to be able to handle stress and pressure more effectively? Bounce back quicker after a set back? Rise to the occasion of tryouts or the big game vs. collapsing under pressure? Do not let the negative self-talk, doubt, worry or overthinking weigh on you robbing you of your confidence and enjoyment. Instead, replace it with power thoughts to help build confidence and consistency! Like the athletes above, you may agree this area–the mental game– is important, but you may be stuck on the how do I do this? I would love to help.

I work with athletes to create practical, personalized Mental Workouts they can do before practices and games to enhance consistency, confidence, and performance. Just as we have a physical pre-game warm up routine, we need to have a mental routine to warm up our mind and “get in the zone.”