• Feeling Down and Alone?
  • Overwhelmed and like you can’t deal with one more thing?
  • Struggling with a lack of motivation?
  • Or not feeling like being around other people or doing the things you once enjoyed?

You tell yourself you “should” be able to do it all, handle everything on your plate, or just be content & happy. But you just aren’t. You’re not sure why. There is hope. Depression is one of the most prevalent things that people seek counselling for.

When we are feeling down, lonely, and overwhelmed it can be so difficult to take the first step. Showing up is often the hardest part. Taking the first step for counselling can be life-changing. You are worth it! Learn how counselling can help:


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There’s a looming dark cloud over you that has you feeling down. It follows you everywhere you go, in everything you do, every meeting you have, every relationship, and inhibits your focus, performance, and potential. It is exhausting. No wonder you’re tired and don’t feel like doing anything, or being around anyone.

It makes it extremely difficult to feel motivated to start your day. You see other people smile, and you wish you felt as happy as they do, but you don’t. It can feel like everyone else has it better and you long for that. When you get this way, your thinking becomes negative. You feel alone. You get down on yourself, become self-critical, &  judge yourself. You don’t like that you’re feeling down, and you wish you could control it. You feel powerless at times, frustrated, and like something’s wrong with you. It’s no wonder that you become anxious about it. You get angry or frustrated that it’s there. You think you ‘should’ be able to snap out of it. Sadness, anxiety, anger or frustration, and even shame and guilt are interconnected. In fact, depression and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is the gold-standard of treatment for these and many other issues to implement practical strategies in your life for a lasting impact.

As a counsellor who provides counselling for depression, I know it can be a confusing issue. Many people don’t understand that you can’t just ‘snap out of it’. There’s no overnight solution. But, you should know that you are not alone. There are options available to you. There is hope for living your best life.

If you are dealing with depression it can be difficult to know what to do or where to go for help. A trusted therapist can help you with your situation. When working with clients, I take an approach that meets you where you are at in your unique journey.

There are flexible options such as online counselling for depression as well as counselling for depression in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Symptoms you may be having

  • Lack of sleep or excessive sleep
  • Excessive crying or lack of emotions
  • Consistent low mood
  • Lack of energy
  • Loneliness and isolating from people
  • Lack of motivation to complete tasks
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of enjoyment during activities that used to be enjoyable
  • Thoughts of death or suicide
  • Thoughts of self-harm

How counselling can help

When feeling depressed people can often isolate, which can make depressive symptoms worse. Choose to take a step out of that today. Reach out to a counsellor who can teach you about the symptoms of depression, and learn ways to combat them.

Difficult emotions can be tough to walk through, and you don’t have to face them alone. As a therapist, I work with you to talk through your feelings, experience healing, and work towards living an emotionally healed life with practical coping strategies. 

Many times someone who hasn’t walked through depression doesn’t know how to help. Friends and family mean well, and are very important, but they are not trained nor objective. They can say that very thing that doesn’t help at all. Or, they have the expectation that you simply “get over it.” That’s not how true depression works. I take a different approach. I meet you exactly where you are at, without any judgement. You are welcome here. In fact, then we can journey together towards healing. I understand how taxing depression can be on your energy, emotions, well-being, motivation, relationships, performance, and overall life. Sometimes it’s not easy to “snap out of it.” Depression can be so gripping that it paralyzes you or grips you so intensely that you can’t get the energy to take the next step.

Let’s work together either online or in Kelowna, British Columbia to help you develop an understanding of the dynamics of your specific circumstances, and build the support and skills needed to continue moving forward in your life.