Christian Counselling is an option for those wanting to grow in and incorporate their Christian faith with their mental health.

We offer Christian counselling in Kelowna, BC and Online Christian Counselling. We have a great team of therapists who offer faith based therapy for those interested. Spiritual health is just as important as and a big component of mental health, as well as emotional health and physical health! You can click on the names of our Christian therapists to view their bios, availability, and book in. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or to help find the right fit 🙂

  • Shonah Nykifork (Online Counselling only, Registered Professional Counsellor- Candidate, supervised by Barb, therefore low-fee option)
  • Shawna Scafe (Online Counselling only, Registered Professional Counsellor- Candidate, supervised by Barb, therefore low-fee option)
  • Erik Olson (In Person, and Online counselling available)
  • Shenaya Matvieshen (Online counselling, on maternity leave)
  • Barb Egan (Online counselling, clinical supervision, accepting new clients)

When we are overwhelmed, stuck, & don’t know where to start, we typically don’t start. I specialize in CBT to help you get unstuck, understand “your stuff” (cause we all have it!), & implement practical strategies to change how you thinkfeel, & live more alive

Often this is by

  • Identifying negative beliefs or lies
  • Challenging them and
  • Replacing them.

A foundation of Christian Counselling is using Biblical Truth to replace those lies and come alive into who God uniquely, intimately, and personally created you to be.

Experience redemption, healing, break free from bondage, and experience the unconditional love of Jesus that is so deeply personal for you and transformational in your life.

These lies know your name, but call you by your shortcomings.
  • I am a failure. I am not good enough. I am not worthy of love.

God knows your shortcomings, but calls you by your name.


-ISAIAH 43:1

We all have those negative thoughts or self-talk in our heads from time to time. The lies that we believe. They often tell us we are not good enough and unworthy. They often hinder our mental health and fuel things like anxiety (or feelings overwhelmed), depression (or feeling down/low), perpetuate stress, and taint our relationships.

You are not alone. Although, it can feel that way. These lies thrive on isolation and avoidance of the things that trigger them. Therefore, facing those unhelpful beliefs with a trusted therapist can be so helpful. Friends and family may mean well, and are immensely important, however, they may not be properly trained like a professional and able to give unbiased input, or spiritual input. This is especially important if you want to grow in your Christian faith or incorporate it into your counselling experience to combat lies with Truth.

I have a background in ministry and am active in being a part of and leading different Christian ministries.  I have personally and professionally benefited from Christian Counselling and partner with the local church on sharing teachings on Christianity and Mental Health.

Check out these videos below:

What we do together in Christian Counselling:

  • Experience unconditional love. You are worthy.
  • This a judgement-free and safe place.
  • Jesus loved those who felt not-enough. He went to them, to us. He made people who felt like a nobody, feel like a somebody. We matter, you matter to Him so deeply.
  • Before you “behave” correctly, or “believe” anything, you need to feel like you belong. Regardless of your behaviors or beliefs, you absolutely belong here.
  • Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s welcome.
  • Learn to identify your unique anxiety triggers
  • Start to understand where anxiety comes from so that it does not keep popping up like weeds in areas of your life
  • Where you feel it in your body
  • Negative/irrational thoughts fuelling it
  • Challenge and Reframe these anxious thoughts
  • Replace them with more balanced thoughts to feel more balanced
  • Specifically replace lies with Scripture and practical Biblical resources to grow in your Christian faith
  • Learn practical healthy coping strategies for you 
  • Practice Breathing and Grounding strategies you can do anywhere: from a classroom, locker room, home, or business meeting.
  • Change the way you speak to yourself, to speak to yourself with more kindness and compassion (like you would someone you love)
  • Improve relationships with yourself and others, and productivity
  • Feel and live more confidently
  • Practical homework/reflection exercises between sessions to gain self-confidence and skills
  • Be educated, equipped, and empowered with resources, self-talk, insight, and coping skills to manage and overcome these lies telling you you are not good enough or worthy.
  • Lies thrives on isolation and avoidance. Thus, having a strong social support and counselling can help be incredibly beneficial to combat isolation.
  • Community is vital, as is a creating space to meet with God. This can be through devotionals, the Word, Bible Studies, groups, nature, journalling, prayer, etc. Just like any relationship, it is so uniquely personal to you. We will work together to help you grow this. 
  • Counselling also helps you face what is overwhelming you or causing you to feel stuck or paralyzed with a trusted someone rather than alone. By doing this, you can then realize you can overcome these fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Replace these lies or limiting beliefs with Truth.
  • I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT, which is the gold-standard of treatment. However, I draw from a variety of therapy approaches to tailor counselling uniquely for you
  • Essentially, your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are interconnected. If we can make changes in one area, we can impact change is other areas as well. We especially target those lies or irrational, negative thoughts driving your anxiety/depression/low mood/stress.
  • This approach is actually outlined in and in line with the Bible!