We value a team and family approach to counselling, as well as creating a team & family like environment for our team of clinicians. We are committed to personal & professional development through individual mentoring & supervision, and small group mentoring & supervision to develop the best clinicians and environment possible. As well through team meetings to consult, support one another, and bring in different specialists to learn from.

We aim to have a diverse team of clinicians and specialties so that clients can find the right fit for their unique situation, goals, and schedule.

Job Posting

Alive Counselling Job posting Spring 2024
Application Deadline: Open
To apply, please contact Barb at [email protected]

Alive Counselling is an established and award-winning team of therapists dedicated to providing exceptional mental health care across Kelowna and throughout British Columbia.
We believe we are created for connection, and value being deeply involved in our beautiful community. Our comprehensive services include In-Person Counselling, Walk & Talk
Therapy, and Online Counselling. Nestled in the heart of Kelowna, our modern and newly renovated 5-office clinic is a soft place to land and provides a serene and welcoming space for both clients and our valued team.

We work in a variety of mental health areas including kids & play therapy, anxiety, stress & burnout, depression, body image, athletes & performance, perinatal/ postpartum/ and
parenting, couples & relationships, women’s issues, men’ issues, boundaries, growth & coaching, identity & self-confidence, grief & loss, trauma, life transitions, ADHD/ADD &
autism support, student life, faith based & Christian counselling fostering overall mental wellness, and more.

We offer a range of support for different needs and stages of life from children, youth, teens, young adults, adults, couples, families, and groups as well as facilitate many
psychoeducation talks & workshops in our clinic and in the community.

As a clinical supervisor and clinic owner, Barb Egan and the mosaic team of therapists value finding the right fit for the client as the most important part of counselling; therefore, we have a team that practices from a variety of modalities including Person Centered, EFT, CBT, Attachment, IFS, Somatic, EMDR, Play Therapy, DBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing,
Gottman, and more– always collaborating and tailoring therapy uniquely to the client and ensuring the right fit.

As a former athlete and coach in the professional athletic world, Barb and team is committed to providing leadership and fostering a connected and well-supported team environment at Alive Counselling and within the community.

The applying clinician does not have to work in all of these areas or populations, as not everyone does, and that is OK! That is why it is such a gift to be part of a diverse team to
provide the best care for clients.

Join our collaborative, unique, and reputable team at Alive Counselling, recently nominated again and recognized as a top performer in the Best of Kelowna 2023 awards, securing top positions in Clinical Counsellors, Therapist, and Psychology Clinic categories the last few years consecutively.

As a part of Alive Counselling, you will thrive in an environment that values being part of a collaborative team to learn from and work together in, continuous opportunities for learning & trainings, a culture of support, administrative assistant for admin support in invoicing, billing & admin related-tasks for you to focus on serving clients, monthly team meetings, community involvement, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

Position: Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) or Registered Social Worker (RSW)
Location: Primarily In-Person with Hybrid/Virtual Options

● A Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology or equivalent
● Active and good-standing registration with the BCACC, CCPA, or equivalent (No
exceptions) (No exceptions)
● Desire to be part of collaborative team-environment
● Strong organizational and professional skills
● The ability to work with clients of varying ages and diverse issues *(does not have
to work in all aforementioned areas)
● Passion for delivering exceptional care, desire for continued personal and
professional growth

● Conduct individual, couples, family, and/or group therapy sessions
● Provide quality therapy in aforementioned areas
● Collaborate with a diverse team of therapists, fostering a dynamic learning
● Engage in regular supervision, team meetings, case consultations, and/or trainings
and learnings
● Invited to participate in opportunities for leadership and involvement in community
events and partnerships
● Prior experience is preferred but not mandatory
● New graduates are encouraged to apply, Barb will provide monthly mentoring and
support as needed
● Monthly supervision, case consultations & trainings, team connects, and ongoing
support provided by experienced therapist Barb

● A valued team member of the “Best of Kelowna” 2023 top 3 Psychology Group,
Clinical Counsellor and Therapist
● Administrative Assistant: Administrative Support handling invoicing, billing, third
party billing, client payments, paperwork & all admin related tasks so that you can
focus on showing up & seeing clients
● Flexible hours, up to 20+ hours per week (evenings, weekends, and day-time
hours based on in-office schedule availability)
● Competitive compensation up to $100,000.00 per year
● Industry standard split
● Partnerships with BCACC, ICBC, CVAP, FNHA, Métis Nation BC, Third Space
Charity, Stober Group, local schools, UBCO, sports organizations, Autism Support
Funding. With direct billing & admin support
● Engaging speaking & learning events and training sessions online and in Kelowna
● Blend of in-person and online counselling opportunities, as well as Walk & Talk
● Free on-site parking with convenient highway access
● Fully furnished size offices
● Regular team meetings, case consultations, and supervision
● Great team atmosphere and camaraderie
● Continued connection to Third Space Charity and community involvement
● Speaking engagements in the community, workplaces, and teams
● Option to work from home or in our fully furnished Kelowna office

Culture at Alive Counselling:
As a former athlete and coach, team culture is foundational. That is why I wanted to share a glimpse of not just our clinical approach but our cultural approach at Alive Counselling. We value a culture that values collaboration, continuous learning, and support that is essential for both personal and professional growth. Being part of a collaborative team allows therapists to share insights, learn from each other’s experiences, and develop new approaches to therapy. This not only benefits the therapists themselves but ultimately leads to better serve our clients.

Providing ongoing support, including administrative assistance for tasks like invoicing and billing, allows therapists to focus more of their time and energy on serving their clients
effectively. We recognize the importance of this support and have systems in place to streamline these processes for you from our experienced team.

Monthly group meeting are an excellent opportunity for team members to come together, discuss cases and learnings, share challenges and celebrations, and reinforce a sense of community with the practice. These meetings can also serve as a forum for continuing education, where team members can learn about new therapeutic techniques or emerging research in the field.

Overall, our commitment to creating a supportive and growth-oriented environment demonstrates a genuine dedication to both our team members and the clients we serve. We
prioritize making a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Application Deadline: Open
To apply, please contact Barb at [email protected].
Join us at Alive Counselling and embark on a fulfilling journey of professional growth, meaningful connections, and transformative client care.