Meet Barb

What makes me come alive?

I am a wife, mama to four, health & wellness enthusiast, and coffee lover. I am a former elite hockey player and coach turned counsellor that specializes in working with athletes to support their mental health, and enhance their mental game and performance with sports psychology strategies. As a counsellor in Kelowna, BC, I specialize in helping people overcome anxiety, stress, depression, and negative self-talk (among other areas).

I also offer Online Counselling. I have a particular heart for university students working with them across the United States and Canada for over 15 years. As a wife and mom, I love working with other women to fill their cups as they continue to pour out to those around them. Because, empty cups cannot pour!

As a therapist, I work with individuals, couples, families and speak to a variety of organizations, groups, and teams. I love empowering, educating, and pouring into other therapists as a clinical supervisor. I also am a mental health consultant to corporations and organizations, often coming in to deliver Lunch and Learns to Keynote Speaking events.

As a clinical superivisor, I love creating a safe space for you to grow as a therapist, and empowering you to hone your own process, therapeutic approaches, and strategies.

I come alive with connection to my faith & Christian Counselling, family, community, my work, health, nature, and my morning coffee.