Advisor for Andrew Ladd and the Ladd Foundation: Mental Health and Mental Performance Coaching

As a mental health and mental performance professional, I love working with elite athletes. As a mom, I love pouring into my kids, coaching them, and other kids! As a former elite athlete and coach, I am so excited to equip hockey players, teams, coaches, and families in their mental health and mental performance.

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“If kids come out of the 1616 program believing that they can embrace and overcome adversity, and have an understanding that the challenges they encounter can have a positive effect on them, for us, that would be success. I want to help create an environment that gives youth the tools to tackle what’s in front of them with enthusiasm.”

– Andrew Ladd, Co-Founder & 2-time Stanley Cup Champion

What is.



1616 is a 16-week mental, physical and social wellbeing experience for youth hockey teams that blends real-life stories and on-ice drills from the best hockey players in the world with proven research-based curriculum and tools.

Ladd Foundation (founded by 2-time Stanley Cup Champion, Andrew Ladd and his wife, Brandy) created 1616 to make mental fitness & wellbeing a more significant focus of youth hockey and to shift minor hockey culture to emphasize hockey performance as well as the development of connections, confidence and character.

The program is designed by a team of experts to help youth hockey players, along with parents and coaches, create enriched environments that promote healthy development.

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Why 1616?

We believe that youth health and wellbeing is an urgent concern for our society. We’re on a mission to equip kids with the tools they need to discover, establish, and maintain competence, confidence, connection and character as a way of life.

We want to provide them with a foundation that will enable healthy growth and development despite potential challenges they may encounter during adolescence. Learn More

  • Competence
  • Confidence
  • Connection
  • Character
  • Thriving

Building a buffalo mindset…

In our search for a name, we discovered that when a storm hits, every animal turns and runs away to escape the storm…every animal except the buffalo. Other animals scatter chaotically trying to escape, but buffalo calmly band together and head directly into the storm.

Through this program, kids will learn how to take on the attitude and mindset of the buffalo, to face life’s inevitable storms together, with courage and resilience.Learn More

There is overwhelming evidence that consistent quality sport participation is related to important youth outcomes spanning physical, social, and mental wellbeing—it can help establish a foundation for the development of thriving youth.

– Dr. Luc Martin

1616 Head of Curriculum Design

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Our goal is to build powerful young athletes from the inside, out.

We are currently raising funds and connecting with supporters for the development of our pilot. Please consider joining us in this game-changing program that will have an impact for generations to come.

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