Encourage for Mom on Mother’s Day: You are Enough

As a mom and therapist in maternal mental health, I LOVE working with moms. Enjoy some encouragement and kind words to pour into you as you pour out so much kindness and love <3

“I see you there, mama…worrying about your little (and not so little) one.

You worry that someone will say something unkind to them.

You worry that they’ll feel lonely or left out.

That they won’t have a friend to play with.

You worry that they won’t eat their snack…won’t drink enough water.

That they won’t keep their jacket on (because it’s really windy even though the sun is out).

You worry that they’ll get hurt and no one will be there to comfort them.

And you really worry that you aren’t doing the right things.

I know. I see you worry.

Because I do, too.

And even though I can’t sweep your worries away, I want to say that you are doing the right things.

Because you love.

And your love is like the sun.

It may change landscapes, look different, and even feel different, but it rises each day without fail to offer every ounce of warmth it has.

You are their sun, mama.

And no matter how dark a night might get, you will always rise again 💞.”

–Big Life Journal

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