“As moms, we are always pouring out. Empty cups cannot pour.”

Grab your coffee & join Saturday mornings 8:00- 9:00am to support Moms mental health

Session Dates: April 24 – June 12

For expectant moms, new moms, or seasoned moms to support Moms Mental Health & discuss all things motherhood, parenting, and more. We do not just want to manage our mental health, but thrive. Empty cups cannot pour.

“Moms groups are specifically on my heart because I have experienced how impactful they are as a mom and therapist! Empty cups cannot pour, and as moms we are always pouring out. The best way to pour out to our families is often to pour into ourselves. You are doing such important work and we want to come together and support each other in that. You, mama are handpicked to be your little ones’ mom. We’d be honoured to support you in that high calling that can be exhausting and exhilarating, mundane and monumental.”

It is normal to feel a little nervous, but this is where strongholds can be released; in a safe community. Everything shared here is confidential. You will be sent an Intake & Consent form specific to groups highlighting this, the commitment of the full session duration of 8 weeks, & and 24-hour cancellation policy. Coverage is dependent on your insurance policy. Payment is made via e-transfer of $50 prior to each session to [email protected] in which you will receive a receipt to submit for reimbursement


If you feel like you are multitasking your way through motherhood and want to trade the frantic pace for peace, know that you are not alone. This is a group to support moms’ mental health and overall wellbeing in all areas of life. Build connections, feel more joy and strategies to be more present with yourself, partner, and kids.  

You have permission to just be, as you are. There will be teachings on various topics in respect to motherhood, but you are also welcome to share anything going on in your world within the safe environment of the group or e-mail Barb prior or within the private Zoom chat box to address your questions/concerns/areas of interest with respect to anonymity.



  •  Intro and Motherhood Overview: Why we are the way we are & why we mother the way we mother
  • Fears that Limit us
  • Time
  • Relationships 
  • Friendships, Connections, and Marriage
  • Motherhood & Marriage/Relationships
    • Emotional labour, date night, conversations not focusing on family management and logistics, finances.
  • Processing Your Own Story, Parenting, and Attachment
  • Encouragement 

If there are any topics you’d like to learn more about, email me! This is for you and we want to serve you well

This is a safe, secure, and confidential online support group for moms and their mental health. We are created for connection and there is something powerful in working together in a common struggle. Participants build community and learn various coping strategies from teachings from Barb, sharing from each other, and Q and A time together in a safe, non- judgemental environment. You are able to submit questions anonymously prior to the group where I will address them or ask and share freely throughout the group. I will prepare various themed topics related to the group for each session as well. We are created for connection and this is a powerful tool in living more alive. We are in this together.

We are looking forward to having you. Just a reminder that this is a safe and secure space. Whatever is shared here is kept here. You are welcome just as you are.

You will get a secure link sent your email for our group session. Please be in a private comfortable location for our session. There is a 24 hour cancellation notice and subject to full charge. Payment is made via E transfer prior to the session and you’ll receive a receipt for insurance reimbursement depending on their policy.