Top 3 Best of Kelowna 2024: Best Psychology Clinic

Thank you, Kelowna! We are so humbled and honoured to win back to back years in the Top 3 categories of Best of Kelowna, Best Psychology Clinic in Kelowna. This year we won silver! We definitely believe we have some of the best counsellors in Kelowna! We are incredibly proud of our team and grateful to serve you Kelowna!

At Alive Counselling we have a team of ten therapists to find the right fit for you and your unique needs. We believe everyone has “stuff” and can benefit from counselling or a safe person to feel supported by and learn tangible coping tools to come more alive in their work, relationships, and overall life. You can meet the clinic owner Barb and hear about Alive Counselling’s heart and essence below in the video. 

Here is the video for Best of Kelowna to learn more about us : 

You can also view our incredible team of therapists who offer convenient Online Counselling, Walk and Talk Therapy, and In Office Counselling here: 

Finding the right fit with your therapist is the most important part. If you are wanting some support in finding the right fit please email [email protected] and she will be happy to assist you. 

You will never regret investing in yourself! 


Discover Kelowna’s top Psychology Clinics! These clinics offer a range of psychological services including counselling, therapy, psychotherapy, psychological assessments, and mental health support. With licensed psychologists, therapists, and counsellors, explore the best Psychology Clinics in Kelowna for addressing various mental health concerns, improving emotional well-being, and enhancing overall psychological resilience.

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