Shawna Scafe – Registered Professional Counsellor

Meet Shawna Scafe, RPC-C

Registered Professional Counsellor (Candidate) with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

Shawna runs Simple on Purpose and Works with moms who want to live with more peace, purpose and presence. 
– moms who feel overwhelmed by motherhood and stressed out with life
– moms who wish they could be more present and enjoy their kids more
– moms who want to create an experience of motherhood that is inline with their personal values
– moms who want to learn about emotional intelligence for themselves and their kids
Works with those who wish to live more intentionally
– those who want to be more proactive with their day and life
– those who want to make consistent, simple steps towards intentional living
– those who want to shift their habits
Works with those who want to improve relationships
– those who feel intimidated by conflict and want to learn conflict resolution skills
– those who want to improve connection in their relationships
– those who want to set healthy boundaries with people in their lives
– those who wish to be proactive and intentional with their marriage
Offers counselling and coaching, virtual sessions with video on or off. 
Options also include a
  • Christian-based approach for Christian counselling or coaching,
  • the use of the Enneagram, and
  • the Life on Purpose workbook (intentional living exercises to help you identify your personal values and vision for the nine areas of your life)

this is me:

Shawna is a mom of three kids, enjoying small-town life in the Similkameen. Her original background is in environmental planning and environmental health. Upon entering motherhood and having three kids close together, she felt totally overwhelmed by motherhood and it took a toll on her health and marriage. With counselling, and a lot of inner work, she grew a passion to help other moms turn off the autopilot living and show up for their lives, on purpose.  This prompted her to seek training as a coach and a counsellor. Shawna enjoys music, painting, being outside, and that beloved daily coffee.


Shawna runs Simple on Purpose, where she helps women live more intentionally and enjoy their lives–especially motherhood!

As Shawna’s clinical supervisor, I had to invite her to join our team. She is incredible and brings a wealth of lived experience , empathy, and strategies to her clients! Welcome Shawna 🙂

Natalie Spooner Team Canada Olympic Gold Medalist-sports-psychology-barb-egan-alive-counselling

Natalie Spooner / Team Canada, Olympic Gold Medalist & Silver Medalist

The mental side of the game is extremely important. Having someone like Barb– who has been there as a player, coach, & mental health professional—is invaluable to help players perform their best on the ice, and in life!


Client M

The work I have done with Barb has changed my life. With her help I learned that I was not only worthy but, capable of helping myself. Walking with her has been one of the most meaningful experiences I have ever had.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come Alive.

– Howard Thurman