Women and Wine: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Mental Health Tips for Women to combat Negative Self-Talk.

Kelowna counsellor Barb Egan speaks at Aligned Chiropractic's Women and Wine event highlighting the importance of a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind. Healthy families often start with healthy moms. Women are incredible leaders in our community, workplaces, homes, and families. Tonight, we want to honour you by giving some practical Mental Health Tips for Women...

Mom’s and Mental Health during COVID: Barb Egan with Third Space Charity

During COVID, I became a third time mama and spoke on the topic of motherhood and mental health in the midst of a global pandemic. A silver lining: this forced rest enabled permission to just be, no pressure to be anywhere or do anything, and enjoy my family, the moment (because it is so fleeting!),...

Mama’s Mental Health Corner with Aligned Chiropractic

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind! And healthy families start with healthy moms! Join Kelowna counsellor Barb Egan, mom of three, speaking on maternal mental health and practical tips to support mom's mental health and family's mental health.

Mental Health Tips for Moms: Mother’s Day Edition by Counsellor Barb Egan for Mamas For Mamas in Kelowna, British Columbia and Online

As a mom of three, I love working with other moms. Whether it is in pregnancy counselling and preparing for motherhood, counselling for postpartum depression and anxiety, family/couples/or parenting counselling, or just support during the transition into motherhood, supporting maternal mental health is a passion of mine. I work with moms of newborns to adult children. When moms have a strong mental health foundation, it reverberates into their children, families, and communities. What a legacy! Hence why it is so important we care for moms well, because we are constantly pouring out. And empty cups cannot pour.