Mental Health Tip: Check in With Yourself (out of 10)

Mental Health Minute: Check in with Yourself (out of 10) 

Bring awareness to where your stress, anxiety, or distress level is at out of 10.

0 = No Anxiety/ Stress

10 = Extremely Anxious/ Stressed

Anxiety, stress, and most distressing emotions are like a staircase to travel up or down, not necessarily completely on or off. I am feeling either completely stressed out to the max, or not at all.

From this position of knowing where you are at, you can decide to take a break, a deep breath, or another strategy. Or, perhaps, chose to push through.

However if you push through but burnout when maybe you should have taken a break or chosen a different coping strategy, that reflection can be powerful to  be equipped for the future. 

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