1. Clinical Supervision of Counsellors and Graduate Students

Clinical Supervision of Counsellors and Graduate Students

Clinical Supervisor

I am a lifelong learner, and love instilling any of my knowledge and learning alongside of others. That being said, I absolutely love supervising therapists and graduate students fulfilling their practicum in their Masters. This is where my background as a professional coach comes alive in the therapy world

Clinical Supervisor with Third Space Charity and University of British Columbia


Our graduate student counselling internship training program provides comprehensive, quality training to graduate students of social work and counselling-related programs.

The program offers exemplary real-world training to student interns under the guidance of senior registered clinical counsellors.  Core skill-building is supplemented with additional learning opportunities through  workshops and expert guest presentations on things such as practice-specific counselling modalities, self-care for frontline workers, intimate partner violence and trauma-informed practice, and setting up an independent counselling practice.

By fostering excellence in nurturing mental health care professionals in training today, Third Space Charity  supports the addition of more quality counsellors and increased mental health services in the community for years to come. Learn more about the program here


Available to counselling and social work graduate students from any university with applicable programming. We welcome all genders, ethnicities, and experiences.

Given we seek to train the next generation of clinical counsellors to serve our community, we do not accept applications for remote internship positions.

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For your comfort & convenience, we offer flexible hours including weekends, evenings, in-person in office, Walk and Talk therapy, & phone or online counselling sessions. Please note: Extended health care benefit plans typically cover care with a registered clinical counsellor; however, please check with your provider for details. See our FAQ page for pricing and how the counselling process works.